Shipwrecked! is a 4 player semi-cooperative survival adventure game.


About: You and a friend are the sole survivors of a shipwreck and have been stranded on a mysterious island. Your ship has holes in the hull and the sails are torn up. Explore the island to find food, craft tools, weapons, and dig up buried treasure to uncover the island’s secrets. As you explore, you’ll encounter pirates, treasure maps, angry dinosaurs, giant monsters, and a rumbling volcano that could erupt at any moment! Will you work together to fix your ship and escape? Will you commit the ultimate betrayal and flee with as much treasure as you can carry? Or will you become a dastardly pirate, yeeargh! The choice is yours! Survival is all that matters. Find a way to escape before the island’s inhabitants or its unstable volcano kills you both!

Game Design and Artwork: M A Clarke

Where to Buy: The Game Crafter

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