There are currently three novels published by Tekamutt Media, written by M A Clarke. Lunaria was released in 2014, The Horizon Conspiracy in 2016, and The Dark Reflection in 2020.

The Dark Reflection

About: Don’t be afraid, the Dark Reflection is closer than you think

Johanna yearns to be a mage. She’s got talent, but will it be enough to impress the people that matter?

Ellie was born to be a huntress, but her impatience always gets the better of her. She’s about to learn how easily the hunter can become the prey...

The Brockhursts may be the most powerful wizards in the attuned community, but that didn’t stop Jason from being stranded in a parallel dimension infested with monsters. Now his son Garrod must figure out how to bring him back, and rid himself of the otherworldly parasite that’s invaded his mind.

The question is how far will he go in the pursuit of his greatest desire? And who will be sacrificed along the way...?

Author: M A Clarke
Where to Buy: Amazon

The Horizon Conspiracy

About: Catherine Blunt knows what it's like to be a hostage. Growing up in the Second Cold War will do that to a person. Being betrayed by billionaire parents and forced to work in an underground research facility will also play its part. After six years being trapped between her psychotic mother and her cowardly father, Catherine is ready to give up, but when special agent Frank Hawkins saves her life, everything changes.

Catherine is thrust into a dangerous conspiracy that threatens to swallow anyone who gets too close. Aided by a geeky but intelligent hacker, and hunted by her father's Maori bodyguard, can she reclaim her freedom before the Horizon Conspiracy swallows her too?

Find out in this near future, action-packed thriller.

Author: M A Clarke
Where to Buy: Amazon


About: Lunaria is a whimsical tale about a boy and his dog who accidentally develop the ability to hear each other's thoughts. When Billy's mother goes missing, he and Max the dog set out to find her. Adventure and unpredictable mayhem ensues, as their journey takes them to the farthest reaches of the continent, and beyond...

Author: M A Clarke
Cover Illustration: Samuel McCulloch
Official website: and Facebook Page
Where to buy: Amazon

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